Computer Basics Assigment I: What kind of challenges do computers bring to a digital society, and how does being computer literate help you deal with those challenges?

A computer is a programmable piece of technology that receives input, can save and alter that data, and then output the data it stores to us in a useful and easy t understand format. Although computers are not a ‘new’ thing, its use in society is growing more and more, almost every day.

But then compters came along, and drastically improves human lives. But the consequences of this is humans become lazy, too dependent on the computers.
And then there’s also human replacement. In many big industries, human workers are replaced by robots. If you think way ahead, this robots can be develop to do painstaking activities that humans can’t. In the other hand, computer brings its own challenges and effects to the digital society. Computer brings so much features and access to all of the things we want. Entertainment, work, and many more. Computer provides everything and can help us to do lot of things. Becoming computer literate can help us to handle many things in life. For examples, nowadays we can see, many of big company that looking for potential client, use presentation to promote their products. An interesting presentation can be made by using computer, with graphics and sounds and user-friendly. Being a computer literate can help us to solve problems like this and make our life much more easier.

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